Milo Activ-Go 1000 g


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Milo Contains Calcium for Strong Bones and Teeth-One of the main health benefits of drinking Milo is its calcium content. Especially for kids during development stage, consuming enough calcium will help optimizing the development of their bones and maintain the health of their teeth. Moreover, Milo is also excellent source of vitamin D. Some studies stated that the combination of both vitamin D and calcium for bones health is super excellent.

Tasty Energy Booster-A lot of children love the flavor of Milo. Well, as parents you could add Milo as the daily beverage to provide energy booster for children especially in the morning. The sugar content in Milo is enough to provide energy for children in the development stage.

Maintains Immunity Health-vitamin C content found in Milo could support the immunity system and maintain the immunity health. Not only that, Milo is also containing some essential vitamin B complex which is good to maintain healthy body and heart.

Excellent Choice for Breakfast-Choosing or making healthy breakfast is not an easy solution. Some parents are relying on some instant products for the choice of breakfast. Well, there are a lot of options from Milo products you could use as breakfast idea and especially loved by children.

Good Choice for Kids during Development Stage-It is not easy for parents to fulfil the nutrients required by children in their development stage. However, Milo could be a perfect package to reduce parents’ headache because a glass of Milo contains all the essential vitamins and minerals strongly required by children during development stage.