Jaguar power tightening gel sex Appeal Gel 8in1 50ml

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 jaguar power tightening gel sex Appeal Gel 8in1 50ml    This GEL is very much evident that is a useful medicine for women who have lost their vagina’s firmness due to childbirth, age or other physiological conditions. Their price is such that everyone can afford to have one and increasing the sexual pleasure and reignite the passion in bed. 

This GEL tighten the vaginal area thereby contracting the vaginal muscles helping in enhanced sexual pleasure,it also acts as a lubricant preventing vaginal dryness problem which many women complain of while having sex,and It start to tighten the vagina gradually.




The GEL has also been found useful in getting rid of bad odor from vagina,the presence of natural herbs in these creams help the vagina regains its original shape and it is also helpful in protecting the vaginal from infections.




(i) Tightening Vaginal Muscles and reshaping Vagina  (ii) Free from Bacteria  (iii) Free from other infections itching  (iv) Clear out normal accumulations  (v) Refreshing during menstrual period  (vi) Reduce Burning Sensation  (vii) Reduce Unpleasant odor  (viii) Keep natural balance


NOTE: This GEL cannot be used during menstruation and pregnancy period.


DIRECTIONS:  Apply on sensitive area, no need to wash out.For best result use twice a day.

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