DR.RASHEL Gold Collagen Elastin Serum 8 in 1 Face Serum 40ml

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 DR.RASHEL Gold Collagen Elastin Serum 8 in 1 Face Serum 40ml    Skin Whitening  Moisturizes the skin  Smoothes the skin  Active skin cells  Make the tired skin looks brighter  Reduce the appearance of wrinkle  Prevents the appearance of sign of aging  Collagen effective anti-aging, firming skin and restore youthful skin    In the 21st century, Scientists have studied the essence of gold collagen, they found that purified essence has the powerful penetration ability to allow the skin to absorb quickly, and it can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue to resist skin aging, it will form a natural protective film in the skin surface, this preventing moisture loss from skin.  Gold collagen essence is rich a variety of skincare ingredients supply nutrition and water for skin, It can be used for cosmetic base and facial maintenance, It also has the effect of inhibiting the acne, firming skin and anti-wrinkle

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