Bella Cream 3Cup Size Must Up Breast & Butt Enlargment Cream

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Bella Cream 3Cup Size Must Up Breast & Butt Enlargment Cream   Function: Cream accelerates breast cell activation, elevating your mom in a short period of time. On the other hand, ingredients effectively reduce the sagging of tissues, helps improve, increase and elevate bust.  Instructions: During the first week of use, massage twice a day in the morning and evening.  It's more effective to use cream after taking a bath.  Take a small amount of cream and massage over your chest until the product is absorbed, but must avoid nipple  When your bust becomes more complete, remember to wear bras that adapt and massage your bust with cream daily 3-5 times a week to resist gravity and keep the bust steady.  Some people have the feeling of warmth and "itching" after app, it's normal product is working.  

  Caution: If skin is irritated in an abnormal way discontinuous use, pregnant women breastfeeding, elderly, young children should not use.  It can also be used for firmness and butt lift, use 2 times a day, massage until the product is absorbed.  The instructions on massage:  Step 1: spread cream on your chest everywhere. Avoiding the nipple  Step 2: With both hands massage the base of the chest, pushing up 10 times on each breast.  Step 3: Massage from the armpit to nipple 10 times on each mom.  Step 4: With the middle finger and ring finger, pulls several times of ligament in the chest, is useful for improving breast strength.  

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