Abon 1 Step Home Pregnancy Test Midstream

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 Abon 1 Step Home Pregnancy Test Midstream    These midstream tests are at a sensitivity of 10mIU and work to an accuracy level of 99%. These tests can be used up to 4 days earlier than a standard pregnancy test kit Our midstream tests are Full Size and are not the Mini's sold and supplied by other sellers, making them cleaner and easier to use. 

  1. The Pregnancy Test can be performed at any time of the day. However, first-morning urine is preferable.
  2. Remove the test from the pouch by tearing from the notch. Remove the cap.
  3. Hold the test by the thumb grip. Place the absorbent tip of the test in your urine stream until it is thoroughly wet (at least 5 seconds). If you prefer, you can urinate into a clean, dry cup or container and perform the test by dipping the absorbent tip of the test into the urine for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Lay the stick down flat with the results window facing up. Wait 10 minutes. If you wish, you can replace the cap to cover the absorbent tip.
 READING YOUR RESULTS:    While you are waiting for your result, you may notice a colored solution moving across the window. This is normal. You need to wait 10 minutes to confirm the result. The test should not be evaluated after 30 minutes.    1 Line = Not Pregnant    If only 1 pink line appears in the test control window, the test is negative and you can assume you are not pregnant.    2 Lines = Pregnant    If 2 pink lines appear, 1 in the test region (T) and 1 in the control region (C), the test is positive and you can assume you are pregnant. Even if the lines are very light in color, you can still assume you are pregnant.    Invalid Results:    If a pink line does not appear in the test control window, the test is invalid. Invalid results may be an indication that the absorbent tip was not thoroughly saturated in urine. In this case, either urinate on the absorbent tip for additional time or re-dip the absorbent tip for at least 5 seconds and wait 10 minutes to read results. If there is still no pink line in the test control window, the test is invalid and testing should be repeated the following day with a new Pregnancy Test. Follow the instructions exactly, making sure the absorbent tip is thoroughly saturated with urine. Each test is designed for a single-use and should not be reused.

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